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Kingsteel Industrial has established itself as one of Chinese leaders in the market of steel wires, stranded wires and wire ropes. Today along with its growing global market it has become a strong brand synonymous with quality & safety. Kinsteel’s wide range of products covers a gamut of products in power transmission, electrical, building......
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  • Nail Wire time:2013-05-13 15:19:01 click:14

    The black nail wire is low carbon steel wire, hard drown wire, with soomth surface and hard tensile strength Tensile strength is 550-1000N/MM2 Wire diameter from 1mm to 5.5mm , we can produce as buyer request Black nail wire is packed in co...

  • AL MG alloy wire time:2013-05-13 14:51:02 click:10

    Al Mg alloy wireis made by melting aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot and other metal raw materials, which will get through several times drawing processes and high-temperature annealed. There will be no metamorphosing during the heat treatmen...

  • Galvanized steel wire for ACSR time:2009-06-03 16:57:23 click:147

    ●Galvanized steel wires for ACSR Mechanical properties strength grade dia. of wire tensile strength stress by 1% elongate elongation Lo=250mm torsion test mm MPa MPa % time/360 common-strength > 1.24 ~ 2.25 1340 1170 3.0 16 > 2.25 ~...

  • Galvanized steel wire for armouring cables time:2009-06-02 16:59:10 click:115

    ●Galvanized steel wire for armouring cables nominal dia. tensile strength elongation torsion test weight of zinc-coading mm MPa % Gauge Length mm times Gauge Length mm g/m 2 0.80 340~490 10 100d 33 75 120 1.25 24 120 1.60 37 150 150 2.0...

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